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Messagio Massage Parlour in Mumbai

Blue Ocean Massage Parlour in Mumbai is an altogether different experience from your day-to-day life. In Mumbai, life is all about hustle-bustle and time management. Life imprisons you between local train, office and bare-minimum household activities. Additionally, excessive pollution and miserable diet take a toll on your skin and hair. As a consequence, you tend to look older than actual, day-by-day. The magnificent Blue Ocean Massage Parlour in Mumbai gives you a break from your hectic schedule. Though the Spa is in Mumbai only, once you step inside, you will discover yourself in an Oasis. We have created and embellished it with an equivalent precision and care. Private lockers, steam room, stand-up shower, table shower, and enormous facilities are available here for the sake of customers’ convenience. Plus, we maintain high-level ethics to avoid any inconveniences that a customer might experience and unlike several other Massage Center in Mumbai, we don’t conduct illegal activities.

Although Messagio is a newcomer in Chembur because of excellent quality products and tranquil environment, Blue Ocean salon has gained popularity overnight. Chembur is a prestigious place in Mumbai. Denizens of Chembur have already got several spa and salon services. But in a place like Mumbai, it will never be sufficient. Because the city embraces numerous migrants every year. Besides, Mumbai is India’s fashion capital, therefore salons and spas are always on high demand like several other services. Swedish massage, Balinese massage,, hot stone massage, Potli massage,, aromatherapy massage,, warm candle massage, deep tissue massage,, prenatal massage all of these are executed here with extensive care and accurate perfection. Massages therapies help to eliminate tension in every individual, a familiar terminology in these days and the foremost reason for various diseases. Moreover, therapies are excellent for the betterment of an individual's mental health, a serious concern in the present-day World.

Massage center in Mumbai

A dash of professionalism intermixed with a lot of warm regards, the majestic Messagio massage Parlour offers a blissful slice of life to you

Amazing Ambience

We took appropriate measurements to create a relaxing environment for our customers. Almost all the latest amenities that one can imagine are available here. But the term ambience incorporates several other elements like hygiene, best quality products (oil and lotions), security and benevolence of employees. Our spa maintains excellence in all of these categories. We consider inappropriate conducts as a severely punishable offence.

Expert Massage Therapist

Massage therapy involves numerous strokes and actions that don’t go well with all. Rather they feel uncomfortable with those. Besides, some hesitate to remove clothes. Therefore, a massage therapist requires to be exceptionally skilled and experienced. Our Messagio massage center in Mumbai employs only professional and well-experienced therapists. They are well-aware of customers’ hesitation and reactions and can handle professionally.

Easy-to-Reach Location

Our massage center is located in a prime location of Mumbai. It will take max 20 mins to reach our Full body massage Parlour in Mumbai. Plus, our masseurs can travel to your home as per your request. But in that case, you need to pay travel allowance for the same.


All the celebrated massage therapies available in the market are available here. For example, deep tissue massage therapy, Swedish massage therapyy, hot stone massage therapy etceteray.

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Types of massage therapies offered by Blue Ocean Massage Parlour in Mumbai

  • Thai Massage

    Originated by a Buddhist physician almost 2500 years before, the Thai Yoga massage therapy is a wonderful combination of Indian Yoga positions and Chinese medication beliefs that creates an immensely positive influence on the human body together.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    A deep tissue massage therapy engages with the deep-seated layers of human tissues. Since it reaches the innermost part of human muscle, some people find this massage therapy little painful.

  • Hot Stone Massage

    Therapists positions small, flat and heated marble pieces on particular points of a human body to eliminate tension, long-lasting pain etcetera and infuse relaxation. Sometimes, cold stones are also used.

  • Swedish Massage

    According to many people Sweden is the birthplace of Swedish massage therapy, whose another name is Classic massage therapy. People who wish to avoid pain and irritation, select Swedish massage therapy.

  • Head Massage

    Another name of Indian head massage therapy is Champissage. This massage technique is 4000 years old and is a fundamental part of ancient Indian Ayurveda. Although it gained popularity in western countries overnight.

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Therapists use an appropriate mixture of essential oil (plant extract) and carrier oil while performing massage therapy. Upon absorbing this oil human body begins to respond in a positive manner.

Additional Services by Blue Ocean Massage parlour in Mumbai

Male to Female massage

Male to female body massage therapy is a distinctive and exciting way to blow your anxiety away. Trained and experienced massage therapists perform several sensual massage therapies that engage you in different pleasing emotions. It’s completely delightful and re-energizing. Furthermore, we ensure a safe and secure environment. For your comfort, we will also take care of your privacy. Many people still doubt the idea of attending an erotic massage therapy inside a full Body massage Parlour in Mumbai. We assure you that you don’t require to get frightened about it, our professional massage therapists will organize everything skillfully without compromising your comfort.

Female to Male Massage

In the case of female to male massage therapy, a female massage therapist performs various sensual massage therapies on male patients/clients. Remaining things are the same as male to female massage therapy. Our full body massage Parlour in mumbai recruits all well-experienced and certified female therapists. Different sorts of erotic massage therapies bring absolute happiness among customers. Having said that you must remember that these types of aphrodisiac massage therapies also generate remarkable impacts on customers in terms of stress reduction and relaxation. Therefore, it’s not only about happiness rather it's more than that. So, come here and try at least for once!

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massages are also a boom in the market these days. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian practice. Ayurvedic massages help to come down one’s body and mind. Messagio massage Parlour in Mumbai performs different sorts of Ayurvedic massage therapies. Like Abhyanga, pichizil, podikizhi, elakizhi, navarakizhi all are excellent examples of stress relief techniques. Besides apart from stress relief, but these therapies have numerous good effects of Ayurvedic massage therapies. Ayurvedic massage therapies help to remove toxins, eliminate pain, slip disc, rheumatism, joint pain etcetera. For Ayurvedic massage therapies, it is important to have all the authentic Ayurvedic

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Messagio is outstanding!

Great experience and a wonderful addition to our vacation. I get massages on a regular basis & it was my husbands first.

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Always a gentle and renewed.

I was greeted at the reception desk with a big smile and friendly welcome. First impressions are important! Well done!

Linforde Iris
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Comfortable and clean

Daily Spanz is fantastic. From entering into the Spa, the low lighting, the welcoming aroma, you already feel relaxed.

Marsh Harnel
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